The Highest Quality Of Blockchain Solutions


Welcome to Altcoin Ninjas, the home of highest quality blockchain solutions. Altcoin Ninjas focuses on empowering people with the access to elite blockchain-based services which guarantee the maximum level of security, privacy and profitability.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world. Altcoin Ninjas work at the frontline of this revolution to empower anyone, anywhere in the world to participate and benefit from it in a safe and effortless way.

Who We Are


Altcoin Ninjas is a blockchain organization created in 2017 by a team of bitcoin veterans, cryptocurrency experts and blockchain specialists. Our main focus is the altcoin market, because we fully believe in maximum dedication to staying up-to-date with the most cutting-edge and innovative applications of blockchain technology.

Our team consists of experts in all areas related to blockchain and cryptocurrency – from IT experts and blockchain developers, through experienced traders and miners, up to ICO and DeFi specialists. By covering all the aspects of the blockchain ecosystem we are able to provide you with the highest quality of crypto services.

Our Vision


At Altcoin Ninjas, we all share a common vision: a vision of a world in which the adoption of blockchain technology has empowered billions of people to regain their freedom and financial independence. We believe in a world in which everyone, regardless of their age, race or gender can improve their finances through applying the power of cryptocurrencies.

To realize our vision, we focus on providing people with the top quality blockchain solutions which are easily accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, no matter what’s their level of technical knowledge and crypto experience. We believe that cryptocurrency is for anyone – and we want to share our passion for blockchain with the world.

Our Values


The focus on quality is our primary concern. All our solutions are built following a meticulous research process, and during all steps of the development process we never compromise when it comes to following the highest grade industry standards. We pride ourselves with presenting our clients only with the highest quality blockchain solutions available on the market.


At Altcoin Ninjas, we consider security to be the most important aspect of any blockchain-related product or services. All the solutions presented at Altcoin Ninjas are designed with maximum, military-grade security level in mind. We are focused on making sure that our clients’ data and funds will never be endangered.


We believe that security is deeply connected to privacy, and that a quality blockchain solution has to respect and protect the privacy and anonymity of the users. We will never ask you to disclose any sensitive, vulnerable data that could potentially compromise your privacy.


Instead of empty promises of making you a millionaire overnight, we focus on secure projects built on solid fundamentals, that can provide you with a stable rate of income. Our blockchain-based solutions are carefully designed tools which will help you enhance your financial independence.

Get in Touch

Take a look our software projects and let us know if you want to get involve into the new future of technology. Altcoin Ninjas is a community-focused organization that thrives on the feedback it gets from the crypto ecosystem. We are eager to answer your every question and listen to all your suggestions. We love to reach out to like-minded individuals and companies – get in touch with us so that we can work together to make the world a better place through the power of blockchain.