The Founding Story

Altcoin Ninjas is a blockchain technology company created by a group of bitcoin early adopters, cryptocurrency experts and blockchain enthusiasts. We pride ourselves by having specialists in every field relating to crypto: from blockchain development, through mining and trading, up to ICOs and DeFi.

Together, Altcoin Ninjas form a fast-growing team of altcoin strategists focused on exploring the most original and promising possibilities that blockchain technology has to offer. Through constant research and development we are able to keep providing people with the solutions empowering them to take their cryptocurrency experience to the next level.

Altcoin Ninjas was formed in 2017 by George Samaris, a well-known and very active member of the cryptocurrency community. Our head office is located at 15047 Marine Dr #201, White Rock, BC V4B 1C5, Canada.

Our Mission

Since the invention of bitcoin in 2009, blockchain technology has been revolutionizing the world by helping millions of people to regain their financial independence. At Altcoin Ninjas we believe that the blockchain revolution is just starting, and our goal is furthering the spread of cryptocurrency adoption by exploring the most advanced possibilities enabled by decentralized technologies.

The point of focus of Altcoin Ninjas has always been the altcoin market. By gathering together a talented team of expert altcoin strategists, we are able to conduct in-depth research and analysis of the alternative cryptocurrencies ecosystem, which allows us to provide people with insightful data and advanced blockchain solutions designed to suit the needs of the most demanding clients.

Do you want to being a part of our software projects or customize them to be your style? We can help!