The Founding Story

Altcoin Ninjas is a Canadian software development company founded by George Samaris in 2017 with its head office located in White Rock, British Columbia. His passion for software engineering, AI technology and business background have proven to be a winning formula. In a very short period of time, George has assembled an ambitious team of tech professionals to develop quality bespoke solutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving market.

At Altcoin Ninjas, we are committed to delivering reliable and user-friendly software solutions that help our partners from various sectors succeed in their digital transformation journeys. Our portfolio of services includes web-based applications for the e-commerce, health care, yoga and fitness industries as well as experience developing projects for blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems. With our unique combination of innovative software engineering and experienced blockchain development capabilities, we can assist our customers on the path to technological excellence.

Our vision for the future involves utilizing blockchain technology and artificial intelligence as part of high-speed internet networks to increase human capability. At Altcoin Ninjas, we hold close our mission of creating a more robust technological infrastructure that brings accessibility to everyone.



Our Mission

The internet has drastically changed the way people interact with information and knowledge. In the last decade alone, we’ve seen an exponential increase in internet connectivity, streaming services, and tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and decentralized networks that are transforming the way we access the content. The combination of these technologies promises to make the world feel much smaller, as it’s now becoming incredibly convenient for us to virtually explore resources from all over the globe. These advancements have already made a significant impact on our lives, potentially giving rise to what is known as a ‘remote world’ – one where people can connect with others quickly and easily through digital media from anywhere around the world. As this technology continues to develop at its current pace, it’ll be interesting to see how far people take their interactions and experiences on the internet.

 Our mission is to stay ahead of the ever-changing world and provide people with access to the most advanced technologies, whether it’s through mobile apps or web applications. By leveraging these tools, we strive to help our customers maximize their potential by taking full advantage of modern advancements. We want to make sure that our clients have access to all the best resources out there so that they can succeed in the digital age. By staying up to date with the latest technology trends and adapting our solutions accordingly, we provide innovative solutions that make a difference in our customers’ lives. We are committed to helping people unlock their full potential through top-notch software products and services.

Do you want to being a part of our software projects or customize them to be your style? We can help!