Reuzes is an innovative business platform which enables you to buy and sell goods, including groceries from your pantry. By buying locally using Reuzes platform you are able to help the planet by reducing food waste and carbon footprint, all while supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs.

If you want to start your own business, the Reuzes platform enables you to do that easily and effortlessly, from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the power of blockchain technology, fully integrated into Reuzes, you will be able to find customers easily, and have instant access to a vast market of people wanting to buy your goods.

Altcoin Ninjas Trading Platform

Altcoin Ninjas Trading Platform is an advanced trading platform created by Altcoin Ninjas to help people improve their cryptocurrency trading earnings by making the entire process of trading easy, effortless and accessible to anyone – even with people who have no technical knowledge and little or none previous trading experience.

By using the most advanced markers and strategies available, you can not only improve your earnings, but also decrease the time spent on trading. You won’t have to spend another day sitting in front of a device and staring at charts ever again. Using an advanced trading platform will save you a lot of time while also providing you with a more stable rate of interest than making trades manually.

Benefits Of Trading With Blockchain Professionals

Easy To Use

Our platform is easily accessible to anyone. Get registered, connect your Binance account, set up your trading profile – you can get it all done under 5 minutes, and start earning money through successful crypto trades right away .

No Subscriptions

Blockchain Professionals is completely free to use until you make money. We don’t see any returns until you start to make profit. There are no subscriptions or monthly payments.

Up To Date Statistics

Our trading platform is fully transparent and you can easily track your earnings in real time. Simply log in to our web application to see how many trades we’ve made for you and what is your profit margin. Sort through the data and visualize how your account is earning.

Personalized Notifications

You can personalize your notifications so that you are always informed about important trading activity via your preferred method (email, discord, telegram). You can also use our exclusive discord server where you can chat with expert cryptocurrency traders.

Secure Signals

At Altcoin Ninjas, we believe that privacy of the users and the security of their funds is of absolute importance. We’ve made sure to implement safety measures in every step of the trading process.

The Yoga Bar on Demand

The Yoga Bar on Demand is the newest innovation from in live streaming fitness and health. The Yoga Bar is a renowned and high end fitness studio out of White Rock, BC Canada. It is known for being ahead of the curve in terms of health and technology. The Yoga Bar on Demand is an application that allows users to get the same Yoga Bar experience, from the same staff of professional trainers, in the comfort of their own home. The Yoga Bar on Demand keeps track of progress through multiple classes and streams high quality classes directly to your smart phone. Experience dozens of sessions and classes with The Yoga Bar on Demand today!

Ninja Brew Hops

Ninja Brew Hops is perfect geographical location to cultivate and nurture the growing of an agricultural product in demand. The farm produces a wide variety and selection of hops you can count on . Ninja Brew Hops is uniquely positioned to promote and establish strong relationships between the family farms who supply our premium hops and the innovative brewing customers who utilize our products in their beers. Altcoin Ninjas helps by building blockchain solutions to control farm processing in order to improve efficiency and supply chain.


Billcy represents a groundbreaking shift in the way people pay their bills. Our software platform gives users a new level of financial freedom that was previously unavailable, offering them the ability to use cryptocurrencies to pay their rent, phone and utility bills; send money they owe to friends, family or employees; shop online and more. The prospect of using cryptocurrencies for payment unlocks a world of tremendous possibilities that provide immense convenience and savings.

The Beach Club

Altcoin Ninjas – The Beach Club is White Rock’s exclusive gym and lounge. Just steps away from the refreshing waters of White Rock beach, the luxury gym and fitness studio provide all you need for an enriching workout with breathtaking views!

The Beach Club offers full 24hr access to the gym and fitness studio. This allows members to use the facilities at any time that suits their schedule. With our memberships, you can come and workout whenever it suits you – there are no restrictions. We are located in 15047 Marine Dr #301, White Rock, BC V4B 1C5, Canada.

The Beach Club - Smartphone and Laptop